"I'm having so much fun marketing this book. I've had the book just over two weeks and have sold approximately 150 copies. I hope this is good because I am happy with the results. WMUR-TV has contacted me to appear on NH Chronicle!! Great job, Deidre!! It's so exciting to see some action from the press kits. Progress is happening! I think our plan has great direction and it's now up to fate and luck! The future will be very interesting. Thank you so much for your help and guidance. Working with you, your Dad and staff has been positive and enriching."

author of Good Food, Simply Prepared

"I really appreciate your help in marketing my book. You were very helpful in explaining all the options, drafting documents, and aggressively following up with reviewers. I don't see how a novice like me could get along without you."

author of The Maritime History of Marblehead, 1815-1865

"Thank you for all your effort with the distribution, which is so critical to the success of the book going forward. My speaking schedule continues to thrive! Our media coverage is so strong - NHPR announcements just this week again for the Plymouth event. I welcome your creative advice! We are very grateful for all your help getting the word out for us."

-ANN MCLANE KUSTER author of The Last Dance: Facing Alzheimer's with Love & Laughter
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