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A free writers workshop

Saturday, October 17, 2009
McConnell Center, 61 Locust Street in Dover, NH

Deidre Randall will conduct “Write Publish and Be Known” an interactive workshop, for the Fall 2009 Seacoast Writers Conference on October 17 at McConnell Center, 61 Locust Street in Dover, NH. Participants will work in small groups to discuss strategies for publishing and marketing their own books. Deidre will discuss publishing options, and help attendees to learn more about how to evaluate publishers. Skye Wentworth will accompany her and offer information on effective book marketing strategies, with a special focus on social media networking. This workshop is for Seacoast Writers Association members, but open to the public, with pre-registration.

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Past Events

A free writers workshop

Friday, June 12, 2009
Jabberwocky Bookshop, Newburyport, MA

Looking for the right publishing company for your book? Or how to build a strong marketing plan on a modest budget? Deidre Randall, CEO of Peter E. Randall Publisher, and Skye Wentworth, professional book publicist, will present a free workshop, Write, Publish and Be Known at Jabberwocky Bookshop at the Tannery, 50 Water Street, Newburyport, on Friday, June 12th at 7:00 PM.

Deidre Randall, CEO of Peter E. Randall Publisher, a trade-quality, independent publisher, and Blueline Publicity, a literary marketing firm, and Skye Wentworth of Skye Wentworth Public Relations, a firm specializing in promoting books and music, will discuss publishing options available today and marketing strategies with a focus on low budget techniques.

The role of independent publishers has never been more significant. Small publishers often have more flexibility than larger houses in terms of their market research, have more direct ways of reaching audiences, and work more closely with their authors to take advantage of other opportunities to reach their audiences. Deidre Randall will offer her unique and often humorous perspective on the publishing industry, specifically the role of subsidy publishing. Peter E. Randall Publisher has published over 425 titles since 1978 and Blueline Publicity has promoted over 150 books since 2003. Randall has been publishing and marketing books since 1999, having learned the trade from her father, Peter.

Deidre feels, “Authors need to be treated fairly and it is a personal mission of mine to see that this is so. Many times I hear from new authors who are trying to understand how the book industry works, and some of them have been taken advantage of in the past. Offering this information for authors, so they are aware of all their options, is one of the things I really enjoy doing. It provides an important service to the writing community in New England. I enjoy working with Skye for promotion of our books because she espouses the same values I do – to treat authors with respect, while we help them to first create a wonderful book and then to use creativity, and low-cost strategies, to sell it to deserving readers.”

Wentworth and Randall will present both traditional and nontraditional ways of getting media coverage for your book. “It’s no secret – the Internet has turned into a multimedia world,” says Wentworth. If you’re still using only a static, text-based Web site to promote your book, you’re falling behind.” This workshop will also provide a practical outline to understanding and using various online social-networking tools, channels, and sites for book-publicity purposes – some that you can implement right away.

Both Randall and Wentworth welcome questions and enjoy audience participation, so a lively evening is expected. An RSVP to Jabberwocky, (978) 465-9359, will ensure your comfortable chair is ready and waiting.