Mike Bonacorsi
Retirement Readiness

Mike Bonacorsi CFP®

A few words from Mike Bonacorsi CFP
"I decided to write this book to make you aware that the same attention you give to planning for retirement must continue during retirement.

"I believe everyone needs to create a retirement vision, assess the situation, and prepare for any bumps in the road before leaving a regular nine-to-five. This preparation will allow you to follow your dreams into the next life stage, and should begin before you start life in retirement.

"Maybe it's because I'm a boomer myself that I'm paying more attention to the idea of retirement readiness. I remember when my grandfather left the mills in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He retired at sixty-five and lived to sixty-nine. Retirement for him was short and uneventful. Now, my friends and clients are getting ready to retire and are talking about a completely new world awaiting them. Before they get there, however, they need to get ready."

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